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Q3 2007 End of Year Rocks !!!

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Q3 2007 End of Year Rocks !!!
Q3 enjoyed a wonderful evening celebrating the end of the year with clients, staff and friends at the BMW Pavillion.



The BMW Pavillion was the setting of this wonderful evening. Staff, clients and friends were treated to a wonderful supper, some not too long speeches and then the highlight of the evening was the "Rock Evolution" show at the Pavilion Theater.

Thabiet Davids, MD of Third Quarter, delivered the main speech.....

"I knew when I decided to start my own business that it would be hard work. What I didn’t know that it would be a rollercoaster of sleepless nights, blurred days, negotiations that are done deals only to find out the next day that the client actually wanted something completely different.Negotiations taking years not months.

As a techie, I also didn’t realise that solutions have nothing to do with technology. It took me almost four years to realise this … What I certainly did not know about running my own business is that it has little to do with me, but much to do about the type of people that I surrounded myself with. I must say that I have been privileged to be in a working environment, where my passion for technology has been mirrored by every individual at Q3.

  • From Suraya, who is able to deal with every one our contractors not sending in their timesheets on time,

  • to Marcus, whose creative spirit is shadowed only by his spirit for life. In one year, our marketing team have managed to create a brand that we are so very proud of.

  • To our developers, who echo my development passion, who take all my shit and stand behind me and implement what we visualise. They work damn hard and most of them started straight out of campus. I am honoured to have played a role in their development.

It is because of this human side of Q3 that we have been able to take this organisation beyond its definition of being just another IT company. And this evening I am very proud to be able to tell you about Living Technology – our very small attempt to use Technology to uplift Africa.

After 6 years of racing through this treadmill it is gradually becoming more difficult to gauge how to measure success.

  • Is it the fact that we are probably one of the few companies to be able to say that we have implemented a bespoke system at Vodacom and lived to tell the tale,
  • or is it that we have survived a year of being the IBM Master vendor in the Western Cape,

  • or is it that we have managed to solicit some nice sized projects for the likes of BP, Arivia, ACSA, SCS, Maersk
  • or is it that we have managed to implement our locally developed software in Botswana and Malawi
  • or is it that we have managed to establish a branch in Gauteng that is establishing its presence as a force to be reckoned with,

  • or is it that we have established a Infrastructure division with the sole intention of offering a much needed professional service to medium sized companies, leveraging on our experiences in open source solutions and our unyielding attention to detail,

  • or is it that we are proudly developing the National Grant management system for South African Social Services Agency and that we will be involved in the rollout of this system across 9 provinces touching the poorest of the poor.

Perhaps it is an age thing, perhaps success is the realisation of a dream – Using technology to uplift Africa. I don’t have all the answers. But what I am absolutely certain of, that much is possible when a few people come together with a common goal, and those goals are achieved based on the ingredients of integrity, passion and commitment."


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